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Description: Two-day workshops present non-traditional assessment and intervention strategies appropriate for the development of communication in individuals having severe multiple differences, developmental differences, and/or autism. Information is relevant to the needs of those individuals who are currently unable to communicate their wants and needs spontaneously in their environment, regardless of age or severity of physical and/or cognitive differences. Techniques incorporate current research in the areas of communication, education and sensory integration.

Participants will be able to:
- distinguish language from communication and understand the prerequisite skills necessary for each.
recognize and assess abilities rather than disabilities through a process oriented assessment approach.
- design an effective individualized communication program that builds on the abilities identified through the Every Move Counts assessment package.
- effectively integrate communication training into daily activities by providing appropriate choice-making opportunities.
- progress through a hierarchy of alternate and augmentative communication systems in order to identify and provide the system that best meets an individual's needs and abilities.

Format: Workshop includes formal presentation, discussion, videotape and live demonstration. Presentation will cover assessment and program development, implementation an evaluation.

Target Audience: Workshop is appropriate for professionals including speech/language pathologists, special education classroom teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, QMRP's, vision therapists, direct care staff, paraprofessionals and parents who live and work with the target population.

"This has been the best conference (most useful) I think I have every been to — what a super neat idea and presentation. I liked having the kids come in so we could have real live examples." ... Early childhood Handicapped Teacher, Great Bend, KS

"One of the most informative, well-organized and presented workshops I've every attended! Having SMH children actually come for us to observe assessment really put the information we've been exposed to on an empirical level." ... Special Education, Kindergarten/1st Grade

"This is the best program I've been to in years for acquiring information on SMH children at the level I work with. Most workshops only give me a small amount of info I can use. Very few workshops give you a ground zero starting point." ... Physical Therapist, Oakley, KS

"Will be very useful with my son." ... Parent

"Your team has been extremely helpful and your program really provides a whole new outlook on communicating with these children." ...Speech Language Pathologist, Independence, KS
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A sensory based approach to communication and assistive technology for individuals with significant sensory motor differences, developmental differences and autism.

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